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FoodRazor helps you save time, increase margins and optimize your business spending.

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Operating F&B businesses should be easy

FoodRazor helps you understand what your business is spending on

Lower your costs

Reduce staffing costs thanks to our line-by-line digitisation service. Bring down your COGS up to 25% by identifying ordering, pricing and delivery mistakes.

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Increase profitability

Improve margins with our invoice and inventory management features. Know where your money is in real-time and whether you’re optimising your spending.

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Actionable insights

Your restaurant’s health captured in a concise dashboard with intuitive reports and data for you to understand your spending patterns. Accurately forecast what your outgoings will be and make smarter decisions for your business.

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Seamless integrations

With a push of a button, all of the extracted data is ready to be sent to your accounting programme— Quickbook Online, MYOB, and more. As an official Xero partner, your supplier invoices are instantly synced with your Xero account.

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