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Take control of your spending with one snap of invoice. FoodRazor is purposefully designed to save you time, keep you up to date, and more time to do what you love.

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Operating F&B businesses shouldn’t be this hard

But with FoodRazor, we make it simple for you

Track, organise and stay on top of your spending

Reduce the food costs of your restaurant by keeping track of your inventory orders, price fluctuations, and invoices.

Daily email alerts keep you updated on price changes and equip you with insights based on real data reporting; you’ll feel confident when it comes to making business decisions.

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Snap your way to valuable insights

Within 24 hours, FoodRazor digitises all your invoices with a snap of a photo. Tedious manual entry is eliminated, meaning you can make proactive business decisions through data automatically drawn from your invoices.

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Seamless integrations

With a push of a button, all of the extracted data is ready to be exported to your accounting programme— Xero, Quickbook Online, MYOB, and more.

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Easy installation

A simple set-up and no hardware installation needed. FoodRazor runs on any of your devices.

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We promise it will be easy to use!

Don't worry - you can do this!

If you know how to use WhatsApp to send your orders, you'll definitely be able to use our platform. No jargons, just an easy platform that makes sense.

Training is a breeze.

It only takes one hour to be a pro at FoodRazor.

Need help? We've got you covered!

Our experienced customer success team is ready to answer any of your queries, either by phone call, Whatsapp, or email.

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