Digitised by line-item

FoodRazor automatically captures your invoices by line-item within 24 hours of uploading. Be in control of the cost of every individual food items, daily and effortlessly.

  • Extracts and provides extensive breakdown of every invoice

Valuable insights at a glance

Get clear insight into the health of your food spending in a quick glance. As an owner, you can easily maintain control over your budget among different locations as all transactions are consolidated and viewed in one place.

  • Easily view tasks that need your attention
  • See the exact amount of current spending broken down by supplier, products, and outlet
  • Get a quick overview of your month to month spending

Get notified with every price fluctuation

Easily monitor your food spending with our daily price change email notification. Start your day with a brief alert of the latest price fluctuations of any item purchased the previous day. Armed with these facts, you’ll feel confident when it comes to making business decisions and negotiating with suppliers.

  • Set the percentage of price fluctuation to be notified by email
  • Use the data as a reference for negotiation with suppliers
  • Compare the pricing for each location

We measure it, so you can manage it

We drill down the numbers to enable you to make informed decisions and achieve better business results. Use our variety of reports to quickly close your end of month books, capture your spending volume and value in one simple view. Export any chart to raw CSV data in a single click.

  • Supplier spending report: Know how much you spend with each supplier and the volume purchased for each individual ingredient over any time period.
  • Statement of Account: FoodRazor compiles all the uploaded invoices broken down by suppliers in a single report.
  • Price change report: See all the price changes within any selected period and the moving average price of all the items purchased.

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