All-in-one platform for ordering to suppliers. You can manage suppliers and instead of using multiple ways of ordering
(fax, SMS, email), you can organize, consolidate, send and review past orders easily on just one platform.

Ordering Management

All orders in one place

Place all your orders to suppliers on the FoodRazor platform.

Load and edit recent orders

Simply replicate your recent orders for faster ordering experience.

Set permission and rights for every user

Create different access and permission status to protect critical information.

FoodRazor provides me with a systematic ordering process.
I can check how much I have purchased when the items deliver and know exactly if all ordered items are delivered or not.
Hakim Mohammad
Purchaser, I AM...Cafe

Supplier Management

All your suppliers' information in one place

Show the most relevant suppliers and set the min/max order, preferred ordering methods and approval requirement to prevent unnecessary charges and control budgets.
Because we have everything recorded, and all the data in hand, we easily track how much we use per month. It is also easy for us to talk to the suppliers.
Chef Hong
Executive Chef, Maki-San


Source for new ingredients or suppliers in seconds

The time spent on sourcing, calling, and getting a product list is so painful that most merchants just stick to their current suppliers. Using our directory, you can search for new ingredients and new suppliers in seconds.
Their supplier directory allows new owners to easily search for ingredients and suppliers leaving them more time to focus on the food they love.
Jiun Leong
Operation Manager, POPULUS Cafe
Save 2-3 hours daily of tedious data entry. All you need to do is to take a photo of your invoice directly to FoodRazor. We digitise it down to each item and not just the sum of the invoice so that you know exactly how much you spend for each ingredient.

Digitised by line-items

Save 2-3 hours per day

Be in control of your expenses, simply by snapping a photo with your phone directly to the FoodRazor platform and we will digitises in line-items within 24-48 hours and stores safely in the cloud.
If we did not use FoodRazor, we need to hire a person just to type up the data from the invoices. With FoodRazor, it helped us to reduce that one manpower.
Amanda Wu
Accountant, Zafferano

Price notifications

Get notified with every price fluctuation

An email notification will be sent daily at 10am upon detecting any price change arming you with the information to contact your supplier.
With FoodRazor, when there is a price adjustment, I will receive an email about the fluctuation. This is the biggest help for us because every adjustment affects our costings.
Chef Hong
Executive Chef, Maki-San

Integration with accounting software

Transfer all your invoices with a push of a button

Seamlessly integrate with your existing accounting software (MYOB, Xero, and Quickbooks) which means no more manual entry, no more missing invoices and no more headaches.
The platform integrates with our accounting software, so we need only to upload invoices once on FoodRazor. Then, I simply export the digitized data to my accounting software. It really saves time for us!
Resty Maunat
Group Accountant, Maki-San
Lower your food costs with smart personalised data. Know exactly what is the true cost and volume of all your purchased ingredients broken down to individual outlets and suppliers so that you can take immediate actions to save every extra dollar.

Food cost insight

True cost

Since prices fluctuates all the time our dashboard automatically calculates the true cost of all your ingredients every month. Don’t rely on your “instinct” believing that you might be paying a fair price for the item.
FoodRazor really helped us by giving all the specific data we needed to be broken down in a simple and timely manner.
Eugene Fung
Co-Founder, Mad Men Attic Bar

Supplier spending insight

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Know your suppliers

Know how much you spend with each supplier and the volume of each
ingredient over any time period.



Calculate your month-end asset value

Month-end stocktake is a breeze using a form that is automatically
updated with the latest unit price.

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