Track, organise and stay on top of your orders

FoodRazor is your central hub for creating orders. The platform lets you send orders directly to suppliers, without ever having to pick up the phone or sending an email. All purchase orders are tracked and organised by supplier, so you are always up-to-date.

  • See and search your entire purchase order history
  • Prevent duplicate orders by seeing what other chefs have ordered
  • Customize how orders are sent, be it email, text message or fax

Access all your invoices in seconds

Every invoice is saved and organised for easy reference at any time. Invoices that require your attention are brought to your awareness, so you never fall behind.

  • Follow up on invoices that need approval or action
  • Find any invoice using keywords or specific invoice number

Get real-time price insights on all your orders

The intelligent price monitoring system compares every order to your peers in the market. Every order is classified in different colours so you know exactly when you’re paying too much on specific ingredients.

  • Easily monitor the price of your orders with intuitive colour codes
  • Take control of your food costs in real time, wherever you are

Control how orders are made across all your locations

FoodRazor makes it easy to standardize your operation across multiple locations. Ensure your team only deals with authorized suppliers, purchase the supplies and amounts you’ve approved and pay the prices you’ve agreed.

  • Establish your approval structure that mirrors your management style
  • Set minimum order values for each supplier to avoid extra charges
  • Set maximum order values to control budget

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