My Little Tapas Bar

How a multiple locations Spanish Tapas Bar saves 2-3 hours daily by eliminating manual data entry

Chef partners Maria Sevillano and Edward Esmero created a space full of classic Spanish touches derived from the Spanish saying "Mi Casa es Su Casa,” which means "My house is your house".

My Little Tapas Bar

In order to source for ingredients, My Little Tapas Bar relied on their sous chef to manually make the orders over calls or messages, while their restaurant manager had to process each invoice via manual data entry. This process took up valuable time that could otherwise be spent in better ways.

After implementing FoodRazor, My Little Tapas Bar no longer has to suffer the inconvenience of multiple channels for ordering or miscommunication with suppliers. FoodRazor has streamlined this process into a single platform. Orders are now done in one place, with all the product items already entered into FoodRazor system, all that’s left to do is simply to select the supplier and the quantity of the items.

FoodRazor saves me a lot of time because I can get all the items I need on the platform. All the supplier and product lists are there. It also clarifies any misunderstandings, because there is a record rather than just verbal confirmation like in the past.

Lewis Lim
Lewis Lim,
Sous chef
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