Makisan Keeps their Invoices Organized with FoodRazor

Home-grown chain Maki-San, disrupted the local sushi scene in 2012. Six years and 17 shops later located around Singapore, the central kitchen they depended on to manage their high-quality fresh ingredients started to feel the strain. From ordering ingredients, delivery to back-of-house operations, their system was getting overwhelmed.


With FoodRazor, three things changed right away. Both the chefs and accountants spent a lot less time completing their tasks; the chefs had closer control over their food costs and the accountants could now track the overall spending in a timelier manner. On top of that, because all the orders and invoices are recorded and in hand, it made the negotiation with suppliers smoother.

The management is confident that Maki-San is now equipped with the tools needed to handle their further expansion both locally and regionally.

We can now track the cost percentages incurred against the sales on a more regular and frequent basis. I can’t imagine how long we will be staying in the office we were not using FoodRazor.

Resty Maunat
Resty Maunat,
Group Accountant
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