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See how I AM...Cafe shaved off 1/3 of the time spent on ordering each month after using FoodRazor

I AM Cafe is a 10-year-old establishment inspired by the amazing city of Amsterdam and serving Dutch local dishes. Along with this cafe, the owners also run three other sister outlets all strategically located around Singapore.

As each outlet serves slightly different type of dishes, during the week, the purchasing team has to deal with a large number of suppliers and ordering procedures on multiple days.

I am cafe

Their purchasing team used to have an entirely manual process. Hakim, as a Purchaser would contact individual suppliers directly via email, WhatsApp or call up sales reps to place the orders. Not only was this labour-intensive, but it also left a lot of room for human error.

Since implementing FoodRazor, Hakim says his purchasing workflow has improved significantly. Firstly, the platform provided a systematic ordering process that allows him and the management to track the price and volume of ingredients ordered. Secondly, Hakim now knows exactly when the suppliers receive and open the orders, as well as the day and time of the delivery. All these steps are handled by the platform, which minimizes the workload on him and eliminates the possibility of incorrect orders.

It is more reliable to order on FoodRazor compared to the past where I’d have to call, type out the list and then send it out to suppliers. Often, I have to wait for the sales reps to reply which can take hours. FoodRazor saves me from that each week.

Hakim Muhammad
Hakim Muhammad,
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