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Ever gone on to take an order (who hasn't?) only to stand clueless in front of the customer and go "whoops! I think I forgot something!" Not only is that embarrassing, but you stand a chance of losing that customer and put severe doubts in those at surrounding tables. Not to worry, it's a big part of the restaurant business, and now you'll have more help than you've ever imagined possible.

For every F&B operation or restaurant lies a technology or innovation to help create a balance so things can run more efficiently. You'll have to be an octopus to have your eyes and a part of you everywhere to run a near-perfect operation, but thankfully, we all know how practically impossible that is.

That's why you need new food tools and apps to take your business to the next level. Also, you get to have a stress-free experience running your restaurant with tools to help you every step of the way.

Here are 7 tools and apps you need to have in your restaurant...

1. Buffer App

Buffer App

They say you don't know how powerful social media is until it has a grudge against you. Think of it this way. What if you had it on your side or the side of your business? Its potential to transform your outfit is limitless. You'll connect to people on a personal level with a broader reach in any community you're a part of.

Even if you may not be on hand to manage your account, Buffer is such that you can schedule every social media post ahead of time. You can effectively share all your posts from one place! Think about marketing and you'd know the possibilities this app brings to the table.

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Pro Tip: To share a picture at the same time and on different platforms, upload a custom thumbnail. This is made possible by Buffer.

2. iChef


This tool is ideal for just about any restaurant, and yeah, you can describe it as an advantage your business has over others. Sometimes running a restaurant leaves you all tired and makes your business appear slow.

That's where iChef comes in. This POS system gives your restaurant operations the much-needed order. It's very flexible and keeps everything running because restaurants can be busy places.

Think about your customers, staff and the information that needs to get passed around involving food, drinks, and arrangements. To avoid chaos, you'll need iChef POS to sort things out and fast too.

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Pro Tip: iChef doesn't require any experience in web development or design so you can have a great time seamlessly managing recipes for food.

3. Chope


Need a real-time platform for secure reservations that connect diners with partner restaurants? Chope comes to mind! Spoken colloquially in Singapore, Chope is all about reservations made through a company's website, mobile apps and plug-ins for different restaurants and Facebook pages.

The restaurants are then charged a specific fee for using booking systems run on Chope. If you're into restaurants in Singapore, this app will come in very handy.

What It Does

This real-time app enables users to search for restaurants and make reservations that are based on certain factors including, times, cuisine, dates, location, price range, and more.

How It Helps

Key Features

Pro Tip: You can improve your restaurant's guests experience with optimal seating and management technologies.

4. Deliveroo/GrabFood/FoodPanda

Make an order

Food delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular, and it's easy to see why. With a thriving market revolving around on-demand food, these mobile apps will help your restaurant attract new customers and retain existing ones. With them, your business will take a turn for the best with an upturn in revenue.

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Pro Tip: Want to maximize ordering efficiency on your way to higher profits? Food delivery apps will go a long way.

5. Payboy


Sometimes you need something with so much innovation to boost your HR system. Payboy does more than make things happen. It helps run your restaurant run smoothly. Let's face it, dealing with scheduling and leave documents could be quite stressful but with Payboy, you have everything in one place.

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Pro Tip: Save yourself and your staff a lot of hours on the HR admin when you fully integrate Payboy into your restaurant business.

6. Xero


Got issues keeping track of your accounting? Why not give cloud accounting a chance with the Xero app. You can have an up-to-date experience from any location using this app to ensure your restaurants' accounts are what they should be. What's more, you can start each day knowing where you stand financially.

What It Does

How It Helps

Key Features

Pro Tip: To make things run smoothly, have your employees use the platform to raise invoices and approve accounts.

7. FoodRazor


Are you too busy with paperwork instead of focusing on your F&B business? You'll need a platform to take some responsibility off your hands so that you can focus on providing quality services to your customers, new and existing. Everything gets handled with the latest in technology to keep your business growing.

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How It Helps

Pro Tip: This tools will do more than keep things organized. You can have it deal with all inventories and invoices which save you time and money.


Streamlining your F&B business is something every owner must do as it can increase operations efficiency. All these food techs are created to help you save time, increase productivity, and save money.

So if you’ve got issues running your restaurant in Singapore, look no further than FoodRazor. FoodRazor automates and digitises the invoice management aspect of the business before providing data analytics services for users to understand what is spent, where and on what.

Again, you'll be able to offer a hassle-free experience to your customers who'll be delighted with the services you offer.

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